15 Inspiring Shopify Coupon Discount on Cart Page Examples For Your Next Campaign That Will Boost Your Sales And Conversions

by Sudipta Mondal
18 May 2022 * Reading Time: 15 Minutes

It’s always nice where your conversions just click right from the word ‘Go’ if you have the correct campaigning.

In fact among the right campaigning strategies is the option of giving out discounts which when done properly can get you an edge over the competition and still generate revenue.

As per statista.com, 64% of online consumers wait to buy things until they go for sale, whereas more than 59% search for promo codes before buying anything online to get a better deal. There is no way, your customer will take the hassle of searching for the discount coupon box if it’s not visible. Instead, they’ll go look someplace else to find the same item for cheaper. 

And why not offer it to your Shopify Merchant when you know this is among the best ways to get repeat customers too. This also reduces the chances of a qualified customer from leaving your site for another which in today’s market is of the highest priority.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of 15 inspiring Coupon Discount on cart examples for your next campaign that brings in repeat business. All of the below-mentioned websites have used the coupon discount on cart app built by us:

Casekaro is a mobile cover platform that strives to carve a niche for itself in case cover design and manufacturing. With a wide array of exclusive designs to cater to ladies and gentlemen across all age groups (from the college-going Marvel fan to the sophisticated office-goer), Casekaro has lived up to become a leading online portal that churns out high-quality cases with rich retailed printing for all possible models on a daily basis. With expectations to keep pace with changing trends and an audience spoilt for choice, Casekaro is steadily revamping to stand apart amongst an evolving crowd and also has a few wonderful things planned for the near future.

How it works:

As you select an item for purchase and head over to the check-out corner; right below your Subtotal is the Coupon Discount on Cart App. There along with the Discount Box is the option for you to choose a Discount coupon that suits your purchase best. Just click on your Discount coupon and it’s automatically applied to the discount Box!

Once the discount is applied, the final price along with the discounted amount is shown. All you now need to do is pay the final price and you’re done.

Vanity Wagon was conceived in 2018 keeping in sight the direct need for sustainable beauty and a conscious lifestyle. The deteriorating health of the planet and extreme adverse effects of the chemical-laden products on our civilization led founder Naina Ruhail to take up extensive R&D to study the exact situation in India. 

A few months later, her analysis led her to come up with this user-friendly portal where she could educate and introduce people to the safest, most cost-effective, authentic, and non-toxic beauty and personal care products.

How it works:

Just after adding your item to the cart and heading to the cart option, you will notice a beautiful Vanity Wagon check-out page with a Subtotal and below that, the Coupon Discount on Cart App. You will also notice the number of codes valid for you written with a green apply button.

Just go ahead and use those coupon codes to get your discount!

Happilo is a health food brand founded in the year 2016, headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Happilo brings to you an exclusive range of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, dry roasted snacks, trial mixes, festive gift hampers and more. 

With a wide variety of products that cater to every taste and age group, Happilo’s best sellers have found their way into the homes and hearts of many households covering the entire length and breadth of the nation.

Happilo will continue reaching out to a wider base of customers across Asia and continue developing more exciting products for everyone in the coming years.

How it works:

Even though Happilo has already mentioned their Discount offer on the Hero Banner of their landing page, they’ve still been proactive with their approach to selling their products by displaying reminders on the checkout page with all available Discount Codes.

The discount box is a vibrant yellow so you just can’t miss it with all applicable codes mentioned both beside and below. Go ahead and make that discounted purchase and be part of the Happi Club!

Odette speaks all about fashion and royalty. The site shows the vision of their beloved founder Mamata Roy who speaks of living life the way it’s meant to be. Odette speaks of the arduous challenges of life, paired with out-of-the-box thinking and the courage to take on those challenges as done by Mamata herself. This molded her extraordinary character which sets her apart from her time. 

Odette shows passion for travel and living tweaked by love for royalty creating objects timeless and yet wildly modern. Odette speaks for the avant-garde woman.

How it works:

As you move towards the checkout, you’ll be greeted by a clean fashionable discount coupon corner where all your valid coupons are listed.

All you do now is choose the discount value that works best for you and go ahead with the purchase process.

Hello Mida is on a mission to bring young Vietnamese people closer to the Southeast Asian fashion pulse. The combination of many fashion flows – from classic, elegant to modern, and trendy; makes the designs both practical and suitable for many everyday contexts whilst still catching up with the fashion trends of the year.  

At Hello Mida,  you get the best shopping experience with a collection of more than 2000 trending designs that are constantly updated.

How it works:

Hello Mida has kept their checkout very simple so finding the Discount Coupon Box is absolutely no hassle for the customer. All you need to do is choose the items you desire, click on the Cart icon, and instantly you are shown a Discount Coupon box on the right with all available coupons visible for you to browse through.

Click on the discount and it’s automatically applied to the box and you’re ready to checkout.

It all started when the women at Bombay Shaving Company got inspired to leverage expertise in hair removal for their own kind. They realized that while they were creating offerings for men, why not craft wonderful solutions for themselves too? So say hello to expert hair removal solutions for the badass, bold and unapologetic individuals who identify as women. BSC hope that in owning their body and the mode of hair removal, we help enable everyday confidence – to remind ourselves, that it’s our choice. To always be ourselves, free from the prejudice, the stereotypes, the opinions, and the bull!

How it works:

Just like Hello Mida, Bombay Shaving Company to has got their discount coupon box right post adding an item to cart; so it’s super easy to know where the check out is and how many valid Discount Coupons there are for you to use!

What’s more beautiful is that everything is highlighted in its theme color so nothing of importance is out of view. So, go right ahead to the woman of today, and get that confidence you’ve been looking for!

The House of Artemis is a minimalistic premium lounge-wear brand that champions comfort fashion for women. They cater to the many moods of the art of you. From the propelling of the first cup of coffee to the peace of retiring to bed.

Artemis even held its own fashion show partnering with LIVA Miss Diva 2021. 

The brand celebrates this collaboration with Miss Diva by highlighting the importance of women’s confidence and empowering them in a way that they carry themselves the way the modern woman does.

Born in the year 2018 with an agenda of creating an exclusive line of collections for women, especially for lounging in and around the house. Derived from Greek mythology, Artemis, like her name, is an embodiment of the Greek goddess of the moon. “She values authenticity and has the confidence to be the person she is when no one is watching. And her loungewear is a constant companion through it all. It watches her laugh, cry, love, be brilliant, wild, lazy, and full of hope”, says the brand.

How it works:

Using Artemis’ own theme color, the checkout box comes immediately after you add your selected items to the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Just then, a Discount Coupon box opens up from the right showing you all available coupons. Once the coupon code is applied, the discount amount and the final price is shown instantaneously!

MPL Sports is the athleisure, merchandise, and sporting equipment brand from Mobile Premier League (MPL), India’s largest esports and mobile gaming platform. MPL Sports, which is Team India’s official Kit Sponsor, offers top-quality merchandise across categories, professional-level sporting equipment, and high-quality, affordable athleisure apparel.

How it Works:

MPL Sports has decided to keep their checkout clean and white here. See how simple it is to notice the Discount Coupon Box the moment you add a product to your cart. 

All available coupons are mentioned for the customer to choose from thus making the customer’s journey smooth and simple!

Since its inception in 2014, Foreverkidz has always had an eye for kids trendy fashion and function. They always had a passion for styling kids. To meet this objective they gave reality to this idea. Hence the birth of “Forever Kidz” to take Kid’s dresses and clothing to the next level.

Forever Kidz is a brand for all special occasions you need your child to look their very best….be it a normal day with loved ones or a special party for the little fashionistas or just fun-filled occasions. We have exclusive kid’s party wear, and kid’s daily casuals all inspired by international designs.

Forever Kidz is a strong mix of design, trends, distinctive quality, and fair pricing.

How it Works:

Forever Kidz takes the cake in terms of keeping the checkout the fastest! Right after choosing the items, you wish to purchase, the cart directly shows you the subtotal price and the Discount Coupon Box. From here, you can choose your coupons and directly go for the checkout. Nothing is written in small either. It’s all bold and clear for you to see and understand.

It’s a Kid’s site after all! :))

Divoom is a consumer electronics company that manufactures retro electronics. In this day of futuristic designs, it’s refreshing to see a website that’s still manufacturing electronics with that pixelated look and feel.

Among the many items for sale are speakers, displays, bags, and more.

How it Works:

Okay, Divoom has chosen to keep its discount coupon box upon check out. That’s one page after the cart page. 

Even though we, unfortunately, couldn’t avail of any discount coupons here (probably no offers running right now). The page is still there for your viewing.

If you already have a discount code from here in hand, that’s well and good! Just feed it into the discount coupon box and checkout with the discounted amount will be ready!

The Plated Project was created out of a love for beautiful things and massive impact.  It’s where art joins hands with commerce and impact to create social innovation. On a fine evening in 2019, one of their earliest team members came up with a 6-word mission statement: buy a plate, fill a plate and ‘The Plated Project’ was a name that rolled perfectly off their tongues.  The Plated Project married their goal to make a massive dent in the number of hungry people in the world with their love for beautiful everyday objects.

That’s how The Plated Project was born.

How it works:

The Plated Project keeps its checkout in accordance with the same creativity its website is designed with. Add your plates to the ‘Cart’ and you’ll directly be taken to checkout with the discount coupon box on the right.

Just apply your discount code and you have just bought a designer plate and fed a hungry tummy!

Estele has been a household fashion name for 32 years. Being one of India’s first fashion jewellery brand. With more than 100K designs and 40,000 dedicated Estele styles. Estele has more than 700 physical touchpoints along with a presence in the eCommerce sector.

Estele is sported by brand ambassadors such as Katrina Kaif, Lisa Ray, Shyamoli Verma, and Aditi Gowitrikar.

How it works:

Estele has kept their checkout as simple as it could be. Just select the items of your choice and add them to Cart. Upon checkout, The Coupon Discount on Cart App shows up in its theme color prompting the customer to enter any of the discount codes available and process the checkout with the discounted amount and final price being shown.

The Italian brand, which is headed by the homonymous company based in Naples, was born in July 2007 from the brilliant intuition of Alessandro Esposito who, in a moment of severe crisis in the sector, was able to seize an opportunity for development in the reference segment and growth. 

Relish is the expression of a perfect mix of originality, quality and attention to detail, a unique, unmistakable, and unconventional style, for a dynamic, glamorous, independent woman who likes to play with her sensuality di lei, following the fashions and trends of the season. , without ever giving up on the quality of the product, with an eye to the price.

How it works:

Once you move to the checkout, Relish will greet you with the payment process and the Coupon Discount on Cart App on the right. All you need to do is choose your discount coupon and you’re set for your purchase.

It’s that simple!

The core philosophy that Inner Sense is built on is of adding sense to innerwear. ‘India is a tropical country but the fabrics that most brands use to make innerwear are polyesters & nylons. We saw the huge problem in that & wanted to create a better fabric that can absorb that moisture on the skin & evaporate it quickly making the wearer feel fresher & cleaner.’ That’s what led to the creation of a unique blend of bamboo fiber & organic cotton.

How it works:

Inner Sense has chosen to keep their Coupon Discount on Cart App simple and clean. Right after adding your items to the cart, the checkout corner arrives where you’ll find the discount box to the left with all available coupons.

Just apply the available coupons and your product is ready for delivery.

The Mom Store has been started with the vision to provide the best products for the Mom and her Baby. A mother is the most important caregiver in the first few years of a child’s life, yet there are limited products available around the needs and various stages of motherhood. 

Today’s mothers are independent, smart, and do their research well to understand what is best for themselves and their babies. We intend to provide products that will make life simpler but at the same time look good. Products that are useful yet trendy. Products that will meet your demands, yet be fashionable. And last but not the least, products of utmost quality and care. Because there is no one else like Mommies.

How it works:

As you’re done picking the items you like from The Mom Store, post ‘Add to Cart, and the system will take you to the checkout page. This is where you see all your items on Cart with the Discount Coupon box right beside.

All you do now is fill out the box with a coupon of your choice, check the discounted amount and you’re free to complete the purchase!

In all of the above cases, the Shopify merchant has used our very own Coupon Discount on Cart App. You will have noticed that the app comes with fully customizable features and is ready to provide you with discounts in all currencies. Once the customer has decided on the discount coupon, he/she will again be shown the final amount post the discounted amount so there is no confusion with regard to payments.

To know more about the Coupon Discount on Cart App, and discount strategy for your business feel free to connect with us at appsupport@mswebdesigner.com

Our Shopify experts and Shopify app developers, and eCommerce consultants team will happy to help you!  As Shopify experts, app developers, and eCommerce consultants, we have helped more than 1500+ International Brands including fortune 500 companies to set up and scale up their online businesses.

Sudipta Mondal

By Sudipta Mondal

Sudipta Mondal is a technology entrepreneur and a software developer, eCommerce Consultant for International Brand & Shopify Experts and Partner. Having founded his own company ‘MS Web Designer’. Sudipta has been working in the field of startups for more than 15 years now and has established multiple SAAS products with his wife Masum and has helped develop multiple E-commerce brands on Shopify. Together they have served over 1500+ international brands including fortune 500 companies to setup and level up their online business.

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