Highlights from Shopify Editions: ‘Direct to Consumer’ Evolves To ‘Connect to Consumer’

by Sudipta Mondal
27 Jun 2022 * Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Shopify has always stood by the term Direct to Consumer (D2C). Let’s just say it’s in their DNA. 

But in today’s day and age, consumers are longing for more than just visiting a store and buying a variety of products. They want to know their merchant better. More than buying a product, they want to be part of a legacy. And this is where Shopify predicts the future of eCommerce to become a more personal ‘Connect to Consumer’ (C2C). 

We as ardent followers of Shopify Plus and also being a Shopify Plus Agency in Singapore are bringing you the Highlights of Shopify Editions – Summer ‘22.

The entire concept of C2C comes from the following pointers:

Shopify Summer ‘22 also covers the following highlighted product releases for the best C2C experience:

  • Hydrogen + Oxygen
    The new build fast, headless storefronts with a React-based framework built by Shopify for Shopify.
  • Shopify Capital
    Get access to the funding you need to grow your business. Stay focused on your vision for your company and its growth to keep things moving forward!
  • Shop Cash
    This year, Shopify’s checkout will give buyers millions of dollars in Shop Cash for their Shop Pay purchases.
  • Dovetale by Shopify
    A community management platform that makes it super easy to find and maintain an active community of brand ambassadors and influencers.
  • Linkpop
    Turn your followers into loyal customers by adding a free link from Linkpop to your social bio. Linkpop is a tool for marketers and business owners alike to build a stronger customer connection through the power of links.
  • Twitter Shopping
    Leverage Twitter as a sales channel and sell to new customers on one of the world’s largest social networks.
  • Shopify Markets
    Shopify Markets helps merchants reach new geographic markets and customize the buying experience for local customers, boosting international sales and building global growth!
  • Shop Pay Enhancements
    Provide a safer shopping experience for your merchants. Shopify Protect has been added to your account. The Shopify Payments engine has been expanded into new countries and we have implemented new features – Shop Pay Installments, and Adaptive Checkout – that will help you make more sales.
  • Token Gated Commerce
    Exclusive access to collections based on your NFT ownership within the Shopify system as well as a range of discounts, products, and offers.
  • Customer Engagement Tools
    Don’t miss your fans – connect with them. Build beautiful campaigns that are personalized for each customer with the Shopify Email Customization Tools.
  • Metafields
    With this major update to meta fields, you get even more functionality. You can now add custom fields in places like customers and orders, as well as add multiple content entries to one field via the advanced options of a list field.

These custom fields can then be associated with information found on your advertiser portal to create segmentations for marketing campaigns.

  • Shopify Admin Enhancements
    Shopify provides stronger admin tools, enabling you to easily add apps, install assets, manage settings, and more.
  • Planet
    New updates include being able to neutralize shipping emissions and purchase carbon offsets directly through Shop Pay – and then also display your commitment as an environmentally-aware business with storefront badges!
  • Order and Inventory Management
    We’re giving you a complete, reliable, efficient, and extensible order management and inventory solution to help you work more efficiently.
  • Shopify Balance
    Get paid faster, track performance, and earn rewards with a money management account and cards powered by Visa.

This was the first issue of Shopify Editions!

We as a Shopify Plus Agency and Shopify Plus Designers in Malaysia will be coming up with more blogs on Shopify Summer ‘22. Stay tuned for more.

Hire a Shopify Plus Agency in Singapore to leverage the true potential that you deserve – more customers and more sales!

Sudipta Mondal

By Sudipta Mondal

Sudipta Mondal is a technology entrepreneur and a software developer, eCommerce Consultant for International Brand & Shopify Experts and Partner. Having founded his own company ‘MS Web Designer’. Sudipta has been working in the field of startups for more than 15 years now and has established multiple SAAS products with his wife Masum and has helped develop multiple E-commerce brands on Shopify. Together they have served over 1500+ international brands including fortune 500 companies to setup and level up their online business.

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